Osebo the Zaraman is being claps at by Charlie Dior for describing him as a housefly

Osebo the Zaraman is being claps at by Charlie Dior for describing him as a housefly

Charlie Dior and Osebo the Zaraman

Osebo the Zaraman is being claps at by Charlie Dior for describing him as a housefly. Back in April 2023, Ghanaian businessman, Richard Brown, popularly called Osebo the Zaraman, hit hard at fashion critic Charlie Dior for criticizing his outfit.

Osebo’s attack on Charlie Dior was a reaction to a statement the latter made about his red-carpet appearance at the 2022 Ghana Music Awards in the UK.

In the video Charlie Dior shared on his YouTube channel, he asked whether Osebo was styled by a blind man.

“He always likes to turn a look and for some reason, it doesn’t turn. I don’t know what to call this look. However, these Balenciagas he is wearing are one of the hottest trends in fashion right now. It has been in retail for $950. I wanted one for myself until I saw him wear it. I mean what is this? It looks like he was styled by a blind man,” Charlie earlier stated on his YouTube channel.

Months after he said these things, the stylist came out to rubbish everything Charlie Dior said and insisted that they never got to him because he does not see him as someone worthy enough to speak about the things he wears.

“He isn’t the type of person that will say something for me to get hurt. Don’t believe a naked person who wants to clothe you (quotes an Akan idiom). What does he wear? Forget! Just take a look at the way he dresses and yet he talks about people. If you want to make money, and you have a lot of things to do, you won’t sit in Infront of the camera to denigrate people…Has he stood in the mirror to look at himself? To me, he is just like a housefly that has landed on my skin, I am not perturbed. I’d have acted if he were a mosquito. I don’t react when a housefly lands on my skin. When we talk about fashion, it is when people talk about you that makes it relevant. I give him news and headlines. He will publish it on YouTube and make money off it. He doesn’t deserve my attention,” Osebo said in an interview with Zionfelix.

After acting as though he never heard the things Osebo said about him, Charlie Dior while speaking with Zionfelix on the Uncut show, recently disclosed that he was disappointed in Osebo over the manner in which he spoke about him.

He made the point that if Osebo sees himself as someone who is worthy enough to criticize the fashion sense of other people, including Kuami Eugene, he should bear in mind that others can equally do the same to himself because he is not above criticism.


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