Efya’s response to Abeiku’s Santana’s ‘marijuana’ cultivation question


Efya’s response to Abeiku’s Santana’s ‘marijuana’ cultivation question


Efya’s response to Abeiku’s Santana’s ‘marijuana’ cultivation question. Efya shared an interesting response when she was approached with a question on marijuana cultivation.

In July 2023, Parliament approved the cultivation of cannabis for industrial and medical purposes, signaling a revolutionary shift in the country’s economic landscape.

The move follows a Supreme Court ruling, leading to the swift passing of the bill, the ‘Narcotics Control Commission (Amendment) Bill 2023’.

Following the development, some celebrities including John Dumelo, Kelvyn Bwoy, and others, have declared interest in the Marijuana business.

Efya was asked to share her thoughts on the issue during an interview with Abeiku Santana, and she gave a smart response.

In the latter part of their discussion, the ‘Super Super’ crooner was asked if she would love to invest in such a business and she responded,

“Me? Let me finish singing first please.”

However, she applauded the move, stating that it is a profitable business that could enable Ghana to benefit in the booming global cannabis market, worth billions of dollars.

“The marijuana industry is a very lucrative industry. If it’s structured in the right way, it can really help. In the end, it will bring money home. There is money in selling wee. In the foreign countries, most multi-billion-dollar institutions are noted for doing marijuana business,” Efya retorted.


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