Stop saying Kennedy Agyapong would’ve won if not for his bad attitude – A Plus


Stop saying Kennedy Agyapong would've won if not for his bad attitude – A Plus

A plus

Stop saying Kennedy Agyapong would’ve won if not for his bad attitude – A Plus. Social commentator, Kwame A Plus, has chided netizens who have been parading the assertion that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbearer hopeful, Kennedy Agyapong, lost the contest due to his controversial nature.

After Kennedy Agyapong announced his intentions to vie for the flagbearer slot, critics accused him of lacking the demeanor expected of a president due to his harsh language, among others.

It is an undeniable fact that Ken Agyapong’s unconventional approach to politics, social issues and his outspoken and provocative personality have carved an ill perception in the minds of many.

Not forgetting his candidness and his readiness to challenge powerful figures and institutions at all times.

Nevertheless, A Plus argues that Kennedy Agyapongshould be cut some slack.

In a Facebook post, A Plus said aspirants who were the exact opposite of Kennedy Agyapong couldn’t even make any headway in the race, adding that Ken even performed better than them.

“But for his bad attitude, Kennedy Agyapong would’ve won hands down! Okay so what did those who didn’t behave like Kennedy Agyapong get?” he quizzed.

He also advised people to be themselves and not change to impress anyone.

“Be yourself! Let people like you for who you are. Don’t change for anyone! Those who love you love you! Those who don’t love you don’t love you!” he added.

It can be recalled that during his campaign ahead of the November 4 vote, Kennedy Agyapong dispelled such narratives saying his strong reactions are usually a response to what others say about him.

He also strongly asserted that he has changed.


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