Kiki Marley – Who Is Your Ex? [download mp3]


Kiki Marley – Who Is Your Ex? [download mp3]

Kiki Marley – Who Is Your Ex? [download mp3]

Kiki Marley – Who Is Your Ex? [download mp3]. Introducing a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene, the exceptionally talented artist, Kiki Marley, has made a resounding entrance as the latest signee under the prestigious RuffTown Records banner. Amid a surge of anticipation, Kiki Marley unveils her latest musical creation, titled “Who Is Your Ex?”.

This eagerly awaited track stands as a testament to Kiki Marley’s artistry, marking her inaugural release of the month. Following closely on the heels of her previous hit, “Mental Case“, this new offering cements her position as an artist to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music.

Hailing from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Kiki Marley’s journey is a unique blend of cultures, as her upbringing was split between the vibrant music scenes of Ghana and Nigeria. Her musical prowess caught the attention of RuffTown Records, one of Ghana’s most prominent and forward-looking record labels, and she now proudly carries the torch as their latest addition.

With a melody that captivates and lyrics that resonate, “Who Is Your Ex?” is poised to shatter existing musical benchmarks and set new records. Kiki Marley’s distinctive style, infused with her personal experiences and creative vision, promises to connect with listeners on a profound level.

Intrigued music enthusiasts and avid fans alike are urged to delve into this latest musical offering from Kiki Marley. As you listen, be prepared to embark on an auditory journey that encapsulates emotions and experiences, all expertly woven into a sonic tapestry. Share your impressions with us, for this is not just a song; it’s an experience crafted by an artist on the brink of stardom


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