I Wouldn’t Advice Anyone To Have A Polygamous Home – Feli Nuna


Daavi Diva, Felicia Nuna Akosua Tawiah, better known as Feli Nuna, has advised men to marry just one woman, as it saves the family from a whole lot of drama.

Speaking from personal experience as someone who grew up in a polygamous household, she said that this might lead to arguments within the family.

“My dad gave birth to 12 children, including 9 girls and 3 boys, with 4 different women, and I would say it’s been a learning curve, and for us, we’ve had a great unit as a family,” she said when discussing her experience with Akua Sika on Happy 98.9FM’s Happy Evening Drive.

Although there was some friction between her and her siblings when they were younger, she observed that things are better now that they have grown up and have resolved all the problems.

Because of my experience, I wouldn’t want a polygamous family. She insisted: “I prefer to live in a nuclear household with just my husband and kids.”

She warned the young people to avoid polygamy because it causes a lot of problems for the family.Yet not every family is able to develop and learn as a result. However, the lady and children will experience the agony rather than the father in some cases, which is not good. “But I’m really lucky to have my family and my siblings,” she said.


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