I Met My Wife Through Social Media – Joe Mettle Reveals


We think this is the least thing we all expected to hear from Ghanaian gospel sensation Joe Mettle, as he has revealed in an interview that he met his wife through social media.

He claims that when he first encountered Salomey Selassie Dzisa, he just knew intuitively that she was the one and watched her from afar before letting her know his intentions.

Joe Mettle noted that he first connected with Sellassie online while perusing his social media account. When he saw her again at one of his events, his emotions compelled him to act, but he refrained. But he realized it was time to act when Sellassie wished him a “God bless you” after one of his ministries. They got married in an elegant wedding in August 2022 after dating for a year and chatting for about three years.

You are aware of how helpful social media has been. Who actually made the first effort? She probably extended her hand first, at which point I responded that I had seen the person and felt in my spirit that it was the right person.

She doesn’t even know I know her or anything because we have never met and have never spoken. One of the gatherings she attended ended with her just saying, “God bless you.” That was all, he declared.


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